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Financial Advisory Services
Provide financial advisory services with regards to valuations, independent fairness opinions, feasibility studies, financial planning, warrants and Employee Stock Option Program (ESOP) issuance, asset disposal/acquisitions, bidding arrangements, liquidity enhancements, delisting, and etc.

Mergers and Acquisitions
Advice on valuation and execution of M&A through: coordination of potential investors through our extensive client network, evaluation and recommendation of a fair range of valuations for M&A transactions, and assistance with structuring, negotiation and execution of transactions.

Valuate related assets, shares, options, business enterprises or intangible assets such as patent and trademarks by the most appropriate method for the transaction.

Debt Restructuring Advisory
Provide a full range of services in debt restructuring. The services include formulation of viable financial restructuring plans, advice on rehabilitation process and implementation of the rehabilitation plan as well as advice on distressed debt purchase.

IFA Opinion Report
Provide opinions on reasonableness and fairness of transactions, pricing and related condition.

Fund Raising
Advise on equity fund raising activities via initial public offering (IPO) and listing, public offering (PO), and private placement (PP) of equity-related products.

Corporate Service (Business plan, Annual report and corporate relation)
Advise current and future businesses prospects of a client, with the aim of advancing their businesses or company. The service would involve corporate report, annual report, business plan and analysis.