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Capital Link Holding Limited. ("CLH"), was established on 18th October 2012 to represented its affiliates as a holding company. CLH’s policy on financial investment is to provice financial capital, business management, advices, and value management to its affiliates.


Capital Link Holding group has 3 affiliates

(1) Capital Link Advisory Limited (“CLA”)                                 99.99 percent stake

(2) Capital Link Leasing Public Company Limited (“CLL”)           99.05 percent stake

(3) H-DO (THAILAND) Limited (“H-DO”)                                  48.00 percent stake



Capital Link Holdings Group has always been active in expanding its investment in financial business sector where we excel at so that the link between financial products will become more efficient and client will acheive maximum benefits.



  • To respond to clients who seek capital to expand their business by linking clients who wish to save money or need money for investment with competitive financial capital, where investors’ return will be obtimal with low risk.

  • To become an organization that believes in transparency and honesty to our clients, emplyees and shareholders.